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Last updated 2:12 PM on 6 June 2016

Wiradjuri Dance Group


After a chilly morning start at our school's Reconciliation Week Assembly, our Wiradjuri Dance Group headed to the preschool for a morning of shared learning experiences. Under the leadership of Mr. Joey Longford, our group performed two dances for the preschool children and staff.


The constant tapping of the boomerangs set the beat and signalled the beginning of the dances. The first dance was a welcome dance, acknowledging the land on which they were performing and the welcome from all involved. The second dance was about the eagle, the master of the sky. The mother flies high searching for food and caring for it's young. The children were delighted and excited to have the opportunity to view the dances.


After the dances the Wiradjuri dances were welcomed into the preschool rooms and this is where the fun began. Students worked with the preschool children to create artworks around the concept of ‘Respect'. This was quickly followed by activity time in the rooms, with the Parkview students now becoming the excited ones. Playdough, building, construction, painting and reading were all eagerly engaged in, reminding us all of the power of play.


After sharing morning tea, we took to the playground with a renewed sense of wonder only childhood playgroups can capture. Returning back to Parkview, we were full of talk and looking forward to the day we may visit again.


Thank you to all Ryan, Zac, Thomas, Shane, Tallis, Jay, Taylah, Sharna, Heidi, Isabel, Faith and Shaylan for your hard work and commitment to the Wiradjuri Dance Group and Joey for his guidance.