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Last updated 3:00 PM on 10 October 2011

Hannah Boardman debates against Barellan CS
Parkview Public School will hosted Barellan Central School in the opening round of the Premier's Debating Challenge in the PPS Library today Tuesday, 8th June.

Two debates were conducted, with the Parkview A, consisting of Jake Balaz, Kayla Mecham, Jade Paynter and Samantha Pianca successful in arguing the negative case for the topic 'We should get rid of school uniforms'.

The second debate featured Parkview B (Chelsea Axtill, Hannah Boardman, Jack Robbie and Genia Cowell) against Barellan, with the visitors presenting a successful and convincing argument for the affirmative that 'TV news is unsuitable for primary school children'.

All children from both schools were commended by the adjudicator for their preparation and presentation.

Parkview's next debating engagement will be against Leeton PS later in the term.