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Last updated 2:00 PM on 29 September 2014

Cody Browne (9) competes in the Stage 2 Public Speaking Finals at Parkview PS.

The 2014 edition of the Ian Lucas Memorial Public Speaking Competition has been conducted at Parkview Public School with some brilliant performances from a range of students highlighting the finals of the competition.

All students K-6 engaged in in-class competitions during the latter weeks of Term 3 to determine the Stage Finalists who competed on Finals Day.

Students were provided with a brief outline of expectations including length of speeches, manner, gesturing, preparation and delivery and then were encouraged to put together a speech linked to their specific interest area.

Two venues (the school library and school hall) were packed with students and interested community members who were enthralled by a wide range of topics that had the common thread of skillful oration by the students who presented.

Stages 2 & 3 adjudicator Mrs Fiona Hislop was extremely impressed with the standard of speeches prepared and delivered. "The students have made the job of adjudicating extremely difficult! Initially I know it was a tricky exercise choosing the top two from each class, but the job of actually determining the overall winners has been that difficult we actually have adjudicated ties in both the Stage 3 and Stage 2 competitions."

Principal Travis Irvin reflected upon the origins of the competition. "We have always had varying types of public speaking platforms at the school, however our Instuctional Leader for Literacy and Numeracy Ms Merilyn Blakeman devised a format that has proven to be brilliantly inclusive for all of our students. It really has provided a number of students with public speaking skills that they never thought were possible. Once devised, it was appropriate that we honour a much loved colleague, the late Ian Lucas, with the name of the competition. Ian made a massive contribution to many things when he was the Assistant Principal at Parkview and was certainly a champion for Public Speaking and the performing arts."


Stage 3: Kate Balaz & Samara McMillan

Stage 2: Lilly Davies & Madeline Irvin

Stage 1: Tamika Rourke

Early Stage 1: Non-Competitive

Images from the finals of the competition can be found in the Photo Gallery section of the website.