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Last updated 8:52 PM on 7 May 2014

Freeman fans cheer their team to victory!

Freeman House has recorded a run away victory in the 2014 Parkview PS Athletics Carnival after dominating last week's carnival at the Leeton HS Ovals.

On a perfect day for all athletic pursuits, a record number of Parkview students engaged in a myriad of track and field events, supported by a large and enthusiastic crowd featuring a huge number of community members.

On a day when sportsmanship and participation rates were extremely high, some outstanding individual performances stood out amongst a range of pleasing performances.

Portia Marks broke two long standing records on the way to the 11 Years Girls Age Championship, lowering the 11 Years Girls 200m record by 0.26, stopping the clock at 33.38 (formerly held set by Melissa Davy in 1999). Her performance in the 11 Years Girls 800m was even more remarkable, smashing Jasmine Frazer's 1997 mark by almost 3 seconds, recording a brilliant 3.02.10.

Not to be outdone, 8 year old Tamika Rourke produced perhaps the most stunning achievements of the day, winning the Juniors Girls Age Championship (for students aged 8-10 Years) despite giving away two years to many of her competitors. On the way to this achievement, Rourke also wrote herself into the record books in the 8 Years Girls 100m, running a lightning quick 17.25, shaving 1.35 seconds of the 2009 mark set by Tess Staines.

Infants students also enjoyed the carnival, engaging in 70m age races before rotating through a field event tabloid that proved popular with both children and parents.

As always, volunteer parents and carers contributed significantly to the running of the carnival and the school, as always, is extremely grateful for the contribution of these community members.

Parkview students who have qualified for the LNPSSA Athletics Carnival to be contested on June 6 will be announced in coming days.

Age Champions

Junior Boys-1st: Tyler O'Connell, 2nd: Riley Bradshaw; 3rd: James Rourke

Junior Girls-1st: Tamika Rourke; 2nd: Tatum Marks: 3rd: Shaylan Protheroe

11 Years Boys-1st: Nicholas Santos; 2nd: Brock Halls: 3rd: Christian MacGregor

11 Years Girls-1st: Portia Marks; 2nd: Shakiah Byrnes; 3rd: Marni Elliot

Senior Boys-1st: Jack Quinlivan; 2nd: Reece Keech; 3rd: Jack McClure

Senior Girls-1st: Kelsey Bandy; 2nd: Molly Donohoe; 3rd: Jorja Sink-Crowe

Record Breakers

8 Years Girls 100m: Tamika Rourke 17.25 (bettering Tess Staines-2009; 18.60)

11 Years Girls 200m: Portia Marks 33.38 (bettering Melissa Davy-1999; 33.64)

11 Years Girls 800m: Portia Marks 3.02.10 (bettering Jasmine Frazer-1997; 3.05.16)

House Championship

Freeman 526

Bradman 350

Thorpe 281