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Last updated 5:48 PM on 24 January 2015

Tyler O'Connell and Madeline Hogan are ready for the new school year.


Students, staff and community members of Parkview Public School are all eagerly awaiting the commencement of the 2015 school year which is imminent.

Staff will officially return to work on Tuesday, 27th January for a Staff Development Day with the Administration Office open for enrolments and enquiries from 9am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-3pm.

Students will return with a staggered start. All students in Years 1-6 will commence the new school year on Wednesday, 28th January. Students will assemble in the school hall at 9am to be informed of their new teachers and will then proceed to classrooms to commence their teaching and learning programs for school year.

Kindergarten students will commence on Thursday, 29th January. All students and their families are invited to assemble in the School Hall from 9.30am where they will be reminded of their 2015 school teachers and then make their way to classrooms.

Parents and carers with enquiries are encouraged to contact the school's administration office during office hours.

All community members are reminded of the revised School Hours Trial which will commence on the first day of the term. The outline of these hours is explained below:

8.30am-9am: Morning play (children welcome in the playground from 8.30am)

9am-11am: Morning Session

11am-11.30am: Recess

11.30am-1.15pm: Middle Session

1.15pm-2.10pm: Lunch

2.10pm-3.10pm: Afternoon Session

3.10pm: School dismissed for the day (students travelling by bus supervised until various buses collect students)