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Last updated 7:38 AM on 4 January 2013

School returns soon!

School will resume for the 2013 school year according to the following timetable:

Tuesday, 29th January: Staff Development Day. Administration Office Open from 8.30am. Enquiries and new enrolments welcome. This is a pupil free day.

Wednesday, 30th January: Students in Years 1-6 return to school. Students are welcome in the playground for supervised play from 9.00am, or from when there normal bus arrangements drop them at school. Students will assemble in the hall from 9.20am to meet their new teachers.

Thursday, 31st January: Commencing Kindergarten Students gather in the hall from 9.45am before formally meeting their teachers and making their way to class.

School concludes for all students at 3.30pm daily.We encourage any parents or carers who have enquiries to contact the school during our Open Days (January 18 and 24) or on Staff Development Day (January 29).