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Last updated 3:01 PM on 10 October 2011

Parkview Public School's outstanding debating team have won a silver medal in the Riverina section of the Premier's Debating Challenge. The team consisting of Jake Balaz, Kayla Mecham, Jade Paynter and Samantha Pianca continued their amazing run of success in the theatre of debating this year by contesting an exhausting day of Riverina Finals debating at Ardlethan last Wednesday. Parkview joined Griffith North, Beckom and Young in the finals, with our team contesting Griffith North PS in the semi final held in the morning.

Parkview successfully argued the negative case for the topic ‘Parents should have more say in the running of the school'. In a high standard debate, our team were able to better articulate their argument to move through to the final against Young PS who defeated Beckom PS in the other semi final.

In another high standard debate, Parkview argued the affirmative case for ‘Reading books is better than watching movies'. Young PS presented slightly stronger arguments and were dually rewarded with a position in the state finals later in the term.

For Parkview it was the end of a long and enjoyable journey that started back in May. All 4 students as well as their peers in the Parkview B team and their coach Mrs Julie McAliece are to be congratulated on a wonderful achievement, going further in Premier's Debating Challenge than any school in our district has ever been!