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Last updated 3:05 PM on 10 October 2011

Parkview Public School's Spelling Bee was held today with students from Years 1 to 6 participating.

Each class conducted their own 'mini' Spelling Bees to determine who would participate in this formal school competition. 

Well done to Stage One finalists Lilly Davies, Corey Axtill, Teneal Preston-Warr, Cooper Craker, Katelyn Mills, and Arne Pagden. An amazing effort.

Congratulations to the winners Cooper Craker (1st) and Teneal Preston-Warr (2nd).

In Stage Two the finalists were Molly Donohoe, Jade Jennings, Sophie Wozniak, Brodie Cregan, Jacob Mills, Caleb Watson, Maanu Alexander and Tess Staines.

Congratulations to Jacob Mills (1st) and Caleb Watson (2nd). A terrific effort.

In Stage Three the finalists were Alanis Wortley, Siarne Deeves, Courtney Anderson, Anisa Cook, Chelsea Axtill, Amanda Lord, Jaspal Gill and Sarah Quinlivan.

Congratulations to Amanda Lord (1st) and Chelsea Axtill (2nd) for their success.

The top two performers in Stage 2 and 3  will be representing Parkview at the District Spelling Bee later in the year.