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Last updated 11:55 AM on 29 August 2014

Congratulations to all our competitors in the Parkview Premier's Spelling Bee Final. It was an amazing event with students spelling many words that even adults would find difficult! Add to the mix an audience and lots of nerves and we have one of our most nail biting events of the academic year.

The competitors in the Stage 3 Finals were Tateum Ingram, Emily Wright, Kate Balaz, Jade Jennings, Kiana Wortley, Molly Donohoe, Christian MacGregor and Katelyn Mills.

Spelling words such as furniture, rationale and tranquil, Molly Donohoe was the overall winner with Emily Wright coming in a close second. Both will be representing Parkview at the Regional Finals in Griffith on Monday September 8th.

In Stage 2 the competitors were Eligh Watson, Mason Boardman, Bryce Robinson, Andrew Thornton, Teneal Preston-Warr, Bayleigh Ingram, Levi Block, Tatum Marks, Charlie Longhurst, Lilly Davies and Cody Browne. Another amazing event featuring words such as detergent, fracture and atmosphere resulted in a tied finish between spelling rivals Levi Block and Bryce Robinson. Both these students will also move on to represent Parkview at the Regional Finals.

The competitors in Stage One were: Darcy Longhurst, Liam McPhee, Taylah Axtill, Charlie Watson, Ashlee Milvain, Cohen Dowley, Shaylee Wortley, Daniella Draper, Tyreece Maskey and Heidi Whyatt.

The overall top Stage One speller was Liam McPhee. (Stage One compete in the Parkview Finals as a warm up to competing at the Stage 2 and Stage 3 Premiers Spelling Competition levels.)

Congratulations to all these students. An amazing achievement!Spelling Bee Competitors