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Last updated 3:23 PM on 4 August 2016

School Sport  Australia


As reported last week, Riley Bradshaw has represented NSW at the School Sport Australia National AFL Championships in Maroochydore, enjoying the experience of a life time and being named in the best players for his state in three of the five national carnival matches played.

Riley met children from the length and breadth of our nation, engaging with children from as far apart as the Tiwi Islands and Hobart!

Aside from enjoying his footy, Riley said the weather, beach, fishing and making new friends was a highlight, as was visiting Australia Zoo on the Excursion Day of the Championships.

Riley sent a card to the school prior to his adventure thanking everyone in the Parkview community for their well wishes with a special mention to those who supported him by purchasing raffle tickets and also a special mention to the P&C who also provided support.

Results for Riley and his NSW team mates at the School Sport Australia National Championships were as follows:

Round 1: Victoria 10.11.71 defeated NSW 3.5.23

Round 2: WA 5.11.41 defeated NSW 4.3.27

Round 3: NSW 11.10.76 defeated ACT 0.2.2

Round 4: NSW 12.13.85 defeated NT 2.1.13

5th/ 6th Playoff: Tasmania 8.4.52 defeated NSW 1.2.8

Congratulations to Riley on a wonderful achievement.