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Last updated 6:32 PM on 2 June 2013

Samuel Mills and Darcy Longhurst enjoy Mini Beasts Day

Parkview students across Stage 1 (Years 1&2) have concluded their learning theme surroudning Mini Beasts by engaging in a construction day last Friday. The thematic approach to the students learning across all Stage 1 classes follows on from last terms extremely popular 'Pirates' theme and has led to extremely pleasing conceptual development and engagement of students related to Literacy.

Year 2 teacher Mrs Susan Stevens has been ecstatic with the response of the students to the theme. "The focus upon Mini Beasts has proven an excellent engagement tool for all children. I have been very happy with the enthusiastic approach of all students. The spike in the students reading capabilities and the improvement in both writing structure and stamina can be closely linked to the connections students have made to the themes in our classrooms."

Instructional Leader Ms Merilyn Blakeman has been just as happy with the outcomes achieved from the unit of work. "It is pleasing as an executive leader, as I'm sure it is as a parent, to know the same concepts and experiences are being shared in all classrooms. The consistency and innovation is the key. It ensures all children receive exactly the same high level opportunities, which continues to lift the achievement levels of our students and maintains those high expectations from all members of the learning community."

As part of a stimulating conclusion to the unit of work, all students were involved in a Video Conference with the Australian Museum relating to mini beasts during last week, while on Friday students worked in small groups to create a mini beast. The creations were developed purely from recycled materials including boxes, containers, rolls and eggcartons.