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Last updated 12:34 PM on 29 September 2014

Bryce Pearce enjoys the preparation phase of the Stage 3 International Food Day!

Parkview Public School's Stage 3 students put the exclamation mark on an extensive term of learning about Refugees by engaging in an International Food Day to celebrate the end of Term 3.

Students have focused on the causes and needs of displaced populations as well as the wonderfully positive cultural contributions refugees have and continue to make to many elements of Australian society. A feature of the learning process was a visit to the school of Mrs Susie Rowe with Mr Ali Mohammad who were able to share some specific experiences linked to refugees.

Students along with their Teachers and School Learning Support Officers spent time preparing a range of culinary delights before all 65 students and some lucky staff members enjoyed a range of main meals and desserts.

Cuisine included food from Afghanistan and Eastern Africa, specifically delicious Mandazi inspired by Sudanese refugees!

The interactive conclusion to the term was made possible courtesy of some innovative lesson creation instigated by Mrs Laurinda Motion and Mr Matthew Collins and was generously sponsored by the team at Woolworths Leeton who made a significant contribution to the cost of the ingredients for the day.

Images of the preparation process can be found in the Gallery section of the website.