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Last updated 10:23 PM on 22 April 2016

Parkview's Printmaking Exhibition

25 Parkview Public School students have enjoyed a brilliant 4 week artist in residence Printmaking Workshop hosted at the school recently.Thanks to members of our P&C, Parkview PS secured significant funding to host the four week Print Making Workshop at the school featuring Linocut printmaking.

This endeavour, coordinated by Artist in Residence Chrissie Reid and supported by community member Jo Roberts and staff member Jacqui Marks, is a simple and accessible form of printmaking suitable for young hands to manage. The workshop was designed to introduce primary school age students to Linocut and the variety of ways the medium can be used.

It will enabled students to reproduce their own prints in a very tactile way, using common materials. While the outcomes were varied, all were acceptable as the primary focus is exploring and understanding the expressive mark making possibilities of the material.

Along the way, students also learned some of the traditions and history of printmaking in general.


Project description

The workshop was conducted according to the following features:

– Drawing and transfer of image to Lino plate

– Cutting the plate

– Printing the art work

– Presentation and exhibition of work

At the conclusion of the workshops students hosted an exhibition of works at the Leeton Multipurpose Centre, where the individual creations of students were brilliantly displayed.

Images of the workshop phase of the process are contained in the Photo Gallery section of our website.