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Last updated 5:41 PM on 18 November 2013

Lilly at the NSW State Spelling Bee


Congratulations to Lilly Davies of Year 3/4 Eagles for her amazing achievement at the NSW State Spelling Bee! Lilly finished in the Top 10 of Stage 2 spellers across NSW in the final of the Premier's Spelling Bee at the ABC's Ultimo Headquarters in Sydney. Lilly competed against 43 other finalists from across NSW and produced an inspiring run at the title which had the captive classroom audience at Parkview glued to their seats for over 2 hours until she was eliminated in the ninth round of competition. Parkview students streamed the competition final into their classrooms, with a simultaneous chorus of cheers erupting across the classrooms of the school after every successful attempt from Lilly.

Lilly's run was brought to an end by the tricky word 'corduroy', but only after successfully spelling eight words in the pressure cooker atmosphere of the State Final in front of over 500 spectators and a state wide radio audience!

For the record, Lilly's run at the final's unfolded as follows (see if you can spell the words without looking!):

Round1: Include

Round 2: Tectonic

Round 3: Calamari

Round 4: Alpaca

Round 5: Harmonium

Round 6: Reconciliation

Round 7: Symposium

Round 8: Interpretation

Round 9: Corduroy

We are all incredibly proud of Lilly's performance! For the record, when tested on 'corduroy' at Friday's assembly, Lilly nailed it! Who wears corduroy anyway?