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Last updated 9:47 PM on 25 November 2012

The Farrell Cups contested last Friday.

Freeman House have made in-roads into Thorpe House's dominance in sporting carnivals in 2012, taking one of the three Farrell Cup Ball Games Divisions decided on Friday.

Contested on a warm morning in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd, all students displayed tremendous team work and sportsmanship in one of the closest ball games carnivals contested since the inception of the Farrell Cup 12 years ago.

The Farrell Cup is named after former long serving Assistant Principal Mrs Judy Farrell, who retired from Parkview in 2000, leaving a legacy of the Farrell Cup Ball Games Carnival, something that is more keenly contested today than ever before.

As always, the Infants students provided a highlight of the day, with the added incentive in 2012 of the first ever Stage 1 Farrell Cup, contested in the ball games of Tunnel Ball, Captain Ball, Over and Under Ball and Corner Spry.

In what was a very impressive performance from Thorpe House's Stage 1 students, the blue team secured the inaugural Stage 1 Farrell Cup ahead of gallant performances from Freeman and Bradman.

Stage 1 Farrell Cup Results

Thorpe 60

Freeman 36

Bradman 24

The Stage 2 Farrell Cup saw Freeman House earn it's first piece of sporting silverware for over three years. The Red Team were methodical in the execution of skills in all four ball games and were deserved winners ahead of a much improved Bradman outfit and a tenancious Thorpe squad.

Stage 2 Farrell Cup Results

Freeman 52

Bradman 42

Thorpe 26

The tightest and most entertaining contest of the day was reserved for the Stage 3 competition, with the result coming down to the final contest, Thorpe defending it's title courtesy of a thrilling Corner Spry victory over Bradman House. The standard of competition was outstanding in all four disciplines, all athletes setting a fine example for their peers.

Stage 3 Farrell Cup Results

Thorpe 44

Bradman 42

Freeman 34

Another highlight of the day was the use of the new House shade areas purchased recently by the P&C. Students loved the use of their new house areas, structures that will become a regular fixture at all school events over the coming years.

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