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Last updated 4:32 PM on 8 February 2015

Racing at the PPS Swimming Carnival

Thorpe House may have lost the Parkview PS House Championship last year, but have signalled their intention to win it back after securing their 8thconsecutive Swimming Carnival title at the Leeton Memorial Pool on Friday.

On a day of extremely close competition between the three houses, it came down to a higher participation rate and outstanding performances in the relays that gave Thorpe the edge in a memorable carnival.

As always, sportsmanship and application were of the highest order, with Parkview hosting its biggest ever Swimming Carnival in terms of entries and athlete participation. Students who were unable to swim 50m engaged in 25m races and also took part in novelty events in the middle sized pool, while the usual range of chants, banners and war paint clearly marked who each student (and some adults) were barracking for.

The competition was hot in the water, with Portia Marks (Senior Girls-Freeman) and Thomas Heins (11 Years Boys-Thorpe) achieving rare clean sweeps in their respective divisions, while the Junior Age Championship groups provided arguably the most intriguing competition of the day, with Bryce Robinson and Eligh Watson locked in a tight battle for the entire day for the junior boys title, while Tatum Marks, Madeline Irvin, Molly Gilmour, Tamika Rourke and Sarah Elliott all produced significant performances in the Junior Girls competition.

All placegetters from the events have secured a place on the Parkview team to contest the LNPSSA Championships to be held at the Lake Talbot Swimming Complex in Narrandera on February 20.

A full list of results, Age Champions, House Championships, LNPSSA Qualifiers and hundreds of pictures all appear on the school website.

Final Pointscore

Thorpe 421

Freeman 307

Bradman 267

Age Champions

Junior Boys: Bryce Robinson-Freeman (Champion); Eligh Watson-Thorpe (Runners Up)

Junior Girls: Tatum Marks-Freeman (Champion); Madeline Irvin-Thorpe (Runners Up)

11 Years Boys: Thomas Heins-Thorpe (Champion); Riley Bradshaw-Bradman (Runners Up)

11 Years Girls: Taylah Aliendi-Thorpe (Champion); Hilary Wozniak-Thorpe (Runners Up)

Senior Boys: Lachlan Holden-Bradman (Champion); Christian MacGregor-Thorpe (Runners Up)

Senior Girls: Portia Marks-Freeman (Champion); Zoe Locke-Thorpe (Runners Up)

Parkview Swimming Results (rtf 443 KB)

LNPSSA Qualifiers (rtf 198 KB)