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Last updated 3:02 PM on 10 October 2011

Thorpe won their third successive Parkview PS Swimming Championship after an exciting day of competition at the annual carnival conducted at the Leeton Memorial Pool today.

Led by outstanding performances from Emily Russell, Wade Johnson, Tess Staines and Caleb Watson, Thorpe secured the title over enthusiastic opponents Freeman and Bradman.

All children who attended produced excellent levels of sportsmanship and participation, with PPS SLSO and local Swimming Coach Mrs Bron Cherry extremely proud of the participation and application of all children.

The next carnival will be the Leeton-Narrandera PSSA Swimming Carnival to be held at the Lake Talbot Complex on Wednesday, 23rd February. Students who have qualified to represent Parkview at this carnival will be notified shortly.

Images from the carnival can be sourced from the Photo Albums link on the homepage.

The final scoreboard from the day was:


           Rank     House                                            Points

                  1          Thorpe                                              428

                  2          Freeman                                           346

                  3          Bradman                                          258