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Last updated 4:37 PM on 8 February 2013

Age Champions display their trophies from the carnival


Thorpe House have won a thrilling House Swimming Competition at the annual Parkview Public School Swimming Carnival held at the Leeton Pool in very warm conditions.

Student produced some outstanding performances on the day, with a very close House Competition keeping spectators on the edge right up until the conclusion of what turned out to be the decisive relay events.

A much improved showing from both Bradman and Freeman Houses this year saw the latter earn four individual age championships, however the depth of competitors carried the day for Thorpe, who won 3 of the 4 relays to win the title for the 6th consecutive year.

Hannah Pianca was the star swimmer of the day, winning all six of her events, while Tess Staines, Caleb Watson and Jack Quinlivan were also notable, winning five of their six events entered.

Participation was again a key component of the day, with special mention to Tayah Preston-Warr for a courageous swim in the gruelling 4x50m Individual Medley. The 25m races for learning swimmers and the novelty events for those children still acquiring water confidence were also very popular.

Successful students who have earned representative honours and will attend the Leeton-Narrandera PSSA Carnival on February 26th will be announced in the coming days.



Junior Girls-Hannah Pianca (Freeman)

Junior Boys-Cooper Holmes (Freeman)

11 Years Girls- Annie Samuelu (Freeman)

11 Years Boys- Jack Quinlivan (Freeman)

Senior Girls- Tess Staines (Thorpe)

Senior Boys- Caleb Watson (Thorpe)



Thorpe 438

Freeman 398

Bradman 198