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Last updated 3:05 PM on 10 October 2011

Parkview Public School is celebrating its most successful day in the school's 41 year history at the Leeton Eisteddfod, securing three group titles and one individual honour during a memorable morning session at the Roxy Theatre.

Years 1/2H and 1/2C were first to shine, securing the Infants Verse Speaking Crown after two brilliant recitals. The first was the compulsory piece 'The Clock Makers Shop', while the children then provided an entertaining presentation of the humorous 'Looth Tooth'. The victory was the first time Parkview had ever won the Infants Verse Speaking title, a competition that dates back to 1974, a trophy ironically donated by the school in that year!


Years 5 & 6 then combined to win the Senior Verse Speaking title with two outstanding recitals. The first was the compulsory piece 'The Longest Journey' which was followed up by an entertaining performance of 'Dancing the Boon from Djibouti'. Among hot competition from 5 other talented choirs, Parkview engraved it's name on the Teachers Federation Trophy for just the second time, and the first since 1982!

There was more success to come for Parkview in the Drama Section that followed, with Years 3 & 4 combining to perform a tremendous version of 'The Circus is Here', securing the Primary Drama section in the process. In addition, Caleb Watson (Year 4) was announced as the best primary age actor at the Eisteddfod with his performance as the ringmaster in the play.

Other individual and group achievements of Parkview students will be published as they are released.