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Last updated 3:00 PM on 10 October 2011

Our six Riverina SSA qualifiers.

Parkview Public School has secured the LNPSSA Cross Country Handicap Trophy for the third consecutive year after some stunning results at the event held last Friday at Yanco Agricultural High School last Friday.

Parkview finished a clear first in the Handicap Division on 3.03, ahead of Narrandera PS on 2.45, Small Schools on 2.41 and Leeton PS on 2.14. The Handicap Trophy is determined by dividing the number of enrolments at a school by the number of points earned at the carnival. This gives an indication of how a school as performed relative to its size.

The result was achieved on the back of 16 top ten finishes including 6 students qualifying for the Riverina SSA Cross Country on June 15. 3 students also earned Age Champion status after some thrilling races.


Top 10 Parkview Students Results

8/9 Years Boys                                                                  8/9 Years Girls

10th Matthew Axtill                                                           2nd Tess Staines

                                                                                           9th Acadia Lee

                                                                                           10th Chelcie Wood-Jordan

10 Years Boys                                                                    10 Years Girls

5th Michael Keech                                                              5th Carley Graham

7th Alex Pianca                                                                   8th Shelley Greatz

                                                                                            10th Siarne Deeves

                                                                                11 Years Girls

                    1st Kayla Mecham

                    3rd Chelsea Axtill

                    6th Tiffany Keech

                    8th Michaela Jones-Grieves


12/13 Years Boys                                                              12/13 Years Girls

9th Tory Amato                                                                  1st Hannah Boardman

                                                                                           2nd Samantha Pianca

                                                                                           3rd Ashleigh Cook

                                                                                           10th Genia Cowell

Our captains with the LNPSSA Handicap Trophy.