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Last updated 8:22 PM on 19 September 2012

Phillip Graham, Kade De Paoli and Scott Donald with the much anticipated chicks!


It is an age old question and one that has been asked many times over in Year 1/2 in recent weeks, as the Stage 1 Class under the guidance of CSU Internship Teacher Miss Clare Irvin, have worked enthusiastically through their Growing and Changing Unit.

The classroom has been converted into a full time science experiment, with grass heads exploring concepts linked to growth and an incubator, complete with 25 eggs, in full time use, to this point yielding 9 healthy chicks for students to marvel at, care for and learn from.

Miss Irvin completes what has been a fantastic 10 week Internship on Friday, and while the children will no doubt be sad to Miss Irvin and her fun learning experiences go, they will no doubt welcome back Mrs Hislop to the fold for the final term of what has been a simply dynamic year for the class.

And for all parents and carers of students in Year 1/2, start your next dinner time conversation with the question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?