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Last updated 7:41 AM on 19 September 2013

Mikayla Graham displays her research project.

Parkview's diversly talented Year 6 class have added real spice to the CWA's country of study this year. With the focus being the northern African state of Morocco, students produced some unique study points that were warmly received by local members of the Country Women's Association at Parkview on Tuesday.

Mr Collins' class have been working on their research linked to Morocco for many weeks now, and the fruits of their labour came to fruition with some entertaining and unique presentations. Building blocks of a Moroccan lamb shank dish presented by resident chefs Caleb Watson, Connor Pete and Matthew Lord was just one of the many practical presentations on hand, while the development of a traditional Moroccan head dress by Mikayla Graham certainly impressed the appreciative audience.

Among a plethora of other worthy presentations, a 3D reconstruction of traditional home found in Morocco by William Rawle was lauded for its attention to detail, while Katie Nicholls and Chelsie Wood-Jordan also presented a 3D display notable for it likeness to architecture of the region.

As usual students and CWA members enjoyed a delicious morning tea to celebrate the research and CWA member Lyn Brown presented certificates of appreciation to all students in Year 6 recognising their work and achievement linked to the 2013 country of study-Morocco.