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Reece Keech receives his award from Mayor Paul Maytom at the PPS Presentation Night

Presentation Night provides many highlights!

Parkview Pubic School's 2013 Presentation Night celebrated the conclusion of a wonderful school year last Monday evening at the Leeton High School MPC. A crowd upward of 600 people packed into the auditorium, celebrating the achievements of students from the previous 12 months in academic pursuits, sport, the arts and leadership. Special performances from the School Band and combined Infants and Primary Choir entertained the appreciative audience, while a powerful solo rendition of 'Advance Australia Fair' by Year 6 student Candice Murphy was... Read more

Books to ignite summer reading

The school holiday period doesn't have to be a time when children's reading and comprehension skills take a break. If you're wracking your brains for gift-giving ideas and summer activities, why not encourage your child to dive into book one of a series? Literacy experts advise that even reluctant readers and children who struggle with reading tend to be more likely to get bitten by the reading bug when they discover a book they enjoy is part of a series. By the end of the first book, the reader is familiar with the style, the setting and many... Read more

Bron Cherry and Heidi Whyatt at Swim School

Swimming Scheme Breaks New Ground

Parkview Public School has just completed a regional first by successfully hosting a K-1 Intensive Swimming Scheme over a fortnight period at the Leeton Pool. Historically, the NSWDEC funds public school through its School Swimming Scheme program for school's to host swimming programs for students in Years 2 and above, however Parkview made the decision that water safety and confidence could be best served by providing the potetially lifesaving skills to its youngest students ahead of the coming summer heat. The brain child of Instructional... Read more

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Green with envy! Molly Gilmour and James Rourke show the spoils of victory!

Drought Breakers... Bradman grab some Silverware!

Bradman House have ended a ten year drought in the Farrell Cup by winning the Stage 3 title for the first time in ten years at last Friday's Ball Games Carnival held in the quadrangle at Parkview Public School. This year's edition of the Farrell Cup was held in outstanding weather conditions, students from K-6 competing in their respective divisions to the cheers of their housemates (which at times were deafening!). The sportsmanship on display was again first rate! While all houses competed with tremendous spirit on the day, Bradman and... Read more

The new curriculum and your child

How do teachers decide what your child will study each term at school? How do composite or combined classes work? Why do students at different schools seem to be studying entirely different things, despite being in the same year? And what will happen next year, when the new Australian curriculum starts in NSW for both primary and secondary schools? Understanding how the curriculum relates to the real world of the classroom and to your child's daily lessons can help you better support them with their homework and study. It will also help you... Read more

All the action of the 'Hoopla'!

Fete hailed a 'great success'

Parkview Public School P&C Treasurer Tracey Watson has hailed the 2013 edition of the school's Fete as a great success following a wonderful afternoon of entertainment hosted on the school grounds last Friday Night. The most important aspect of the evening was the focus on children having fun! It was absolutely fantastic to see so many smiling faces enjoying the vast range of fun and interactive activities available for the young (and young at heart) to enjoy! Mrs Watson was glowing in her praise of the community volunteers who put the Fete... Read more

Lilly at the NSW State Spelling Bee

Super Speller!!

Congratulations to Lilly Davies of Year 3/4 Eagles for her amazing achievement at the NSW State Spelling Bee! Lilly finished in the Top 10 of Stage 2 spellers across NSW in the final of the Premier's Spelling Bee at the ABC's Ultimo Headquarters in Sydney. Lilly competed against 43 other finalists from across NSW and produced an inspiring run at the title which had the captive classroom audience at Parkview glued to their seats for over 2 hours until she was eliminated in the ninth round of competition. Parkview students streamed the... Read more

Parkview Fete Poster

Fete! Fete! Fete!

Only one more sleep until the most exciting event on the Parkview P&C calendar! Have you checked your Daisy Drop number in the P&C section of the website? There's still time to buy a ticket! See you there!... Read more

Benefits of team sports

Benefits of team sports If you want your child to grow up to be a confident and well-adjusted adult, then team sports may be the answer. Playing a team sport provides kids with important lessons in personal values. Kids learn that things don't always go their way and that they need to respect their peers as well as referees and sports officials. These experiences can influence them throughout their lives, such as when it comes to working for a boss, or respecting the police or other authority figures. When your kids take part in team sports... Read more

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A better way of funding our schools

The NSW Government is introducing a new funding model for all NSW public schools that is simpler, fairer and more transparent. The funding model is a key part of a broader education reform called Local Schools, Local Decisions, which places students at the centre of school decision-making. It gives principals and their school communities a greater say over how they allocate and use their available resources to best meet the needs of their students. When fully implemented, schools will manage more than 70% of the state public school education... Read more

Parkview's 2013 Distinction Grade students

Marks of Distinction

Parkview Public School students have achieved some outstanding results in the UNSW Educational Assessments this year, with final results distributed on Friday. In all 16 students sat for the University set assessments for the outstanding return of 13 Credit grades and even more impressively 4 Distinction Grades. The highest achievers from the school were Year 6 students Caleb Watson and Jacob Mills who achieved Distinction citations in Science, while Years 2 students Levi Block (Mathematics) and Madeline Irvin (English) were also afforded a... Read more

Is your child gifted?

The notion of giftedness in children has become part of many parents' conversations. Yet ask anyone what 'gifted' means and the concept remains mysterious, sometimes stigmatised, and often perplexing for parents who think their child may be extremely bright. About 10 per cent of the population is gifted. That is, they are significantly advanced beyond their peers in at least one of four areas – intellectual, creative, social or physical. Those who add skill to their gift are recognised as gifted and talented. Children who are gifted have... Read more

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Mikayla Graham displays her research project

Year 6 add spice to CWA's Moroccan year of study!

Parkview's diversly talented Year 6 class have added real spice to the CWA's country of study this year. With the focus being the northern African state of Morocco, students produced some unique study points that were warmly received by local members of the Country Women's Association at Parkview on Tuesday. Mr Collins' class have been working on their research linked to Morocco for many weeks now, and the fruits of their labour came to fruition with some entertaining and unique presentations. Building blocks of a Moroccan lamb shank dish... Read more

SRC Reps Madeline Irvin and Eligh Watson prepare for cup cake sales!

Footy Fever hits Parkview for a good cause!

Parkview students showed their true colours today as part of the SRC's annual Footy Fever and Cupcake fundraiser supporting the 'Fight Cancer" foundation. The playground and classrooms were transformed into a sea of colour as children showed their footballing allegiances across all codes for a gold donation which, when combined with the proceeds of the SRC's delicious cupcake morning tea, raised $317.05! All SRC members contributed to the cupcake fundraiser, busily baking some delicious treats for the school on Monday evening. There were a... Read more

Christian and Rhett MacGregor

Check Mate! MacGregor brothers have all the moves!

Parkview Public School students have dominated the final stages of the 2013 Leeton Community of Public Schools Chess Competition held at Leeton Public School today. In an amazing performance, Parkview boasted four of the final six participants in the knockout format before brothers Rhett and Christian MacGregor battled wits in the final. In a closely fought and tense encounter, old brother Rhett secured the final in a genuinely strategic battle to be crowned LCOPS Chess Champion for 2013. "It was a tough game!" Rhett said after the final.... Read more

Lilly Davies preparing for the Spelling Bee!

Lilly claims Riverina Spelling Bee Title!

Parkview Public School has continued it's remarkable success rate in the Riverina section of the Premier's Spelling Bee after Year 3 student Lilly Davies became the third Parkview student in just five years to secure a place in the State Finals after a brilliant performance at the Riverina Finals in Griffith on Wednesday. Davies, who was locked in a tight battle with two peers after all sighted words had been exhausted, successfully spelt 'adversity' to secure her place in the state finals. Year 3/4 Teacher Fiona Hislop was glowing in her... Read more

The PPS App home page!

Download the Parkview PS App today!

Parkview Public School continues to strive to provide the best possible communication tools for parents and the wider community. To improve convenience for all stakeholders in our community we have recently released our very own App for smartphone and tablet device users. You can download the App to your smartphone by going to either the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Market and search for Parkview Public School. Once you have found it press install or download. Feel free to explore and experiment with the app and if you are having... Read more

Learning in the outdoor classroom

It's Outdoor Education Week – the perfect time to reflect on how outdoor education plays a major role in students' learning, problem-solving abilities and wellbeing. Learning in the outdoors brings together the benefits of formal and informal education and provides meaningful education for 21st century kids. By acquiring knowledge and skills through practical or hands-on activities students learn about consequences, develop resilience, and learn to take risks in a safe environment. Participating in an outdoor challenge or experience can make a... Read more

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Spelling Bee winners for 2014

Parkview Spelling Bee

The annual Parkview Spelling Bee was held in the Library last Friday, August 23rd. Many parents attended the event which featured talented spellers from Years 1-6! The remaining students of the Primary and Stage 1 formed the audience. All students in the audience displayed fantastic manners and were truly engrossed in the competition!! Winners of the Stage 2 Final were Tateum Ingram (3/4) & Lilly Davies 3/4 After what seemed like an eternity of spelling the Stage 2 final was declared a tie! Both Lilly and Tateum remained cool under pressure... Read more

Summer Fattore enjoys the parade!

Nothing can Rain on the Book Week Character Parade!

Not even the threat and eventual delivery of inclement weather could detract from the biggest Book Week Character Parade ever at Parkview Public School today. Over 270 students dressed up in their favourite book characters from across broad range of genres, with everything from superheroes to super villains and every type of character in between present for the occasions. Parents and community members flocked to the school to enjoy the occasion, braving chilly conditions to share in the creations that were being displayed by the children.... Read more

Transition fun!

Parkview's newest students begin their Journey!

41 students have commenced their primary educational journey at Parkview Public School as Kindergarten 2014 Transition commenced at the school last Wednesday. Students engaged in a range of activities focused upon fundamental learning skills, while social experiences and familiarisation with the schools facilities and general environment was also a focus. Kindergarten teachers Jodie Boardman and Paige Frazer were very impressed with how the children settled into their new environment. "All children settled beautifully into the Parkview... Read more

The clowns shine on the night

Parkview's students light up the stage!

The stars of Parkview Public School shone brightly during Wednesday evenings Performing Arts Extravaganza 'Parkview In Lights': A Night at the Movies. It was an amazing night that featured all the talent that the school has to offer. An eleven act card that featured clowns, strong men, Snow White, Terminators, Avatars, Lion Kings and so much more offered the young and young at heart an incredible array of entertainment. The school's highly regarded school band led by young vocalists Jack Quinlivan and Emily Jennings played, the Infants and... Read more

Spelling Bee app

A new app designed for Android phones and tablets helps students of all ages practise and improve their spelling. The Premier's Spelling Bee 2013 app features almost 3,000 words and corresponding sentences from the spelling competition of the same name. It also and uses Australian spelling and voices. The app features two categories - junior and senior - with a number of levels that increase in difficulty. Most adults would find the high levels in the senior category a challenge. The app is a companion to the free School A to Z app and... Read more

PiL Poster

On with the Show!

The 3rd installment of 'Parkview In Lights', this year themed 'A Night at the Movies' is set to hit the stage on Wednesday, 7th August at the LHS MPC. A massive range of acts from all children in the school including dance, choir, band and various productions from class groups is sure to keep audience members entertained for the duration of the evening. Doors open at the LHS MPC from 6pm, ready for a 6.30pm commencment. Photos from the event will be available on the PPS website soon after the completion.... Read more

Education Week Open Day fun!

Hundreds flock to Education Week Open Day!

Parkview Public School's annual Education Week Open Day was a huge success again today, with hundreds of community members joining children and staff in the school to celebrate everything that is great about our the school, and Public Education in general. "Open Day, along with Parkview In Lights, represents a massive opportunity to showcase the Parkview community, and the kids just love showing off to their parents and carers" said Principal Travis Irvin. There was something for everyone, with interactive games, lessons from students to... Read more

Open Day fun from earlier in the year!

Education Week Open Day Approaches!

The Parkview PS Education Week Open Day on Thursday, 1st August. The following things are planned for the day: *K-2 Open Classrooms 12.15pm-12.45pm *Years 3-6 Open Classrooms 12.45pm-1.15pm *Family Lunch 1.20pm We encourage as many community members as possible to engage in the Open Classrooms opportunity and stay for a special Canteen Lunch! Pre-Orders for the luncheon are due to be returned to the canteen by July 30!... Read more

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Our website goes mobile

It is now easier to view our website on your mobile phone or tablet. We have created a mobile version of the site with a range of features finetuned for when you are on the move. You can now more easily: dial or email us from your phone locate us via Google maps check our school calendar view our latest newsletter. You can also create a shortcut to our website on your phone home page Try the mobile version of our website now. Just visit from a smart phone or tablet device and follow the prompts.... Read more

Developing organisational skills

Learning how to make time for homework, chores and other activities is a vital skill for all children but it's not one that always comes easily. This weekly schedule template (docx 15 KB) is a simple aid that can help kids better plan their time. Print one for your child's desk, one for the fridge and one for their school bag to help keep them on track. To personalise the template, simply click on the cell you wish to change and type. If you need to add or delete cells and don't know how, read these simple instructions . Using colour-coding... Read more

Back to school time!

Term 3 Recommencement Details

School resumes for all students on Tuesday, 16th July. Monday, 15th July will be a Staff Development Day, with the Administration Office will open for enquiries and enrolments from 9am. The P&C Uniform Shop will be open at the following times for the convenience of community members: *Tuesday, 16th July (9am-10am) *T hursday, 18th July (9am-10am) *Friday, 19th July (2.15pm-3.15pm) The School Newsletter will be produced on Tuesday, 16th July with all the news you need to start the school term. We look forward to seeing everybody return to... Read more

The conclusion to the 10 Years Girls 100m

Freeman Finally!

Freeman House has ended Thorpe's six year domination of Parkview PS Athletics with an emphatic win in the House Championship event at the recently completed carnival. On a record breaking day, contested in fine conditions at the Leeton High School Ovals, Freeman athletes produced some standout performances across both track and field events, putting the exclamation mark on their first title since 2006 by winning three of the four relays run at the conclusion of the day. The dominance of the red house was reflected in the age championship... Read more

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Reward day fun!

Term 2 Reward Day almost here!

The Term 2 Parkview Public School Reward Day will be held on Friday, 28th June. All children with appropriate behaviour are invited to engage in a complimentary BBQ lunch and a DVD afternoon. Students who have not qualified for this afternoon will continue normal programs under the supervision of a teacher.... Read more

Athletics action!

PPS Athletics Carnival ready to rumble

Our annual Athletics Carnival will be held this Thursday, June 27th (the second last day of Term 2) at the Leeton HS Ovals. Buses will transport all Parkview students from K-6 to the venue leaving from school at 9.20 am (3-6) and 9.45am (K-2). It is important that all children are at school by this time to assist in a smooth departure. Please take note of the following points; First Events will be marshaled at 9.50am sharp Programs will be made available at the beginning of the day for parents and spectators. Please be advised that there is a... Read more

Helping your child with their homework

How do you get your kids to keep on top of their homework? This School A to Z video features teachers talking about how parents can help kids take responsibility for their homework and avoid Thursday night meltdowns. Get more practical parent tips on the School A-Z website.... Read more

Getting ready for school camp

School camp is one of the highlights of childhood. Chances are you can still remember some of the campfire songs, the smell of damper cooking and the names of the kids you bunked with. However, it's also true that for some children (and their parents) the thought of staying away overnight can create a little anxiety. It's not uncommon for kids to worry about who they'll room with, ‘being left out' of things, whether something might go wrong, feeling homesick and other understandable concerns. Even the most outgoing and confident child may have... Read more

Luca Pitt has fun at Kinder 2013 Transition

Kindergarten 2014 Information Sessions almost here

Parents with children commencing Kindergarten in 2014 will be feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension as one of the major milestones of their children's development approaches. To help parents and carers negotiate this important period of their children's lives, Parkview PS will once again provide the most comprehensive program in the Leeton Shire to support children and families as they begin the primary school journey. The program commences on Thursday, 13th June when the school hosts it's Kindergarten 2014 Information Sessions in the... Read more

8/9 Years Girls compete in the 2000m at the LNPSSA Carnival

Admirable Performances Highlight LNPSSA Cross Country

Parkview Public School students have produced outstanding performances at Monday's LNPSSA Cross Country to see the school secure second position in the overall pointscore standings and second position in the handicap trophy. The consistent performances by our students was highlighted by the 11 Years Age Championship won by Kelsey Bandy and the Riverina Qualification performances from Tess Staines (2nd), Hannah Pianca (4th) and Tyler O'Connell (4th). All four students will now attend the Riverina PSSA Carnival to be held in Deniliquin on... Read more

Samuel Mills and Darcy Longhurst enjoy Mini Beasts Day

Stage 1 students enjoy constructing Mini Beasts

Parkview students across Stage 1 (Years 1&2) have concluded their learning theme surroudning Mini Beasts by engaging in a construction day last Friday. The thematic approach to the students learning across all Stage 1 classes follows on from last terms extremely popular 'Pirates' theme and has led to extremely pleasing conceptual development and engagement of students related to Literacy. Year 2 teacher Mrs Susan Stevens has been ecstatic with the response of the students to the theme. "The focus upon Mini Beasts has proven an excellent... Read more

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Cyberbullying – what the experts say

Research into cyberbullying is still in its infancy but the one thing we do know is the online environment is really just a new setting for age-old issues. Cyberbullying is an extension of face-to-face bullying. It's all about relationships. When are kids most vulnerable to bullying? Bullying – online or offline – peaks for kids (and this is worldwide) at about Year 5, and again at about Year 7 or 8. The first peak coincides with children discovering the power of the peer group, and creating their own social pecking order. The second peak... Read more

Lara Cameron in action!

Parkview get a kick out of AFL Gala Day

Parkview Public School has produced some terrific performances at the annual Tony Lockett Shield/ Paul Kelly Cup Gala Day contested at the Griffith Ex-Serviceman's Oval on Tuesday. Entering a boys team and two girls teams, Parkview students produced competitive displays in all matches, with the Parkview Panthers girls team ranked the third best team on the day. Of particular note was the sportsmanship, behaviour and endeavour displayed by all Parkview students, something that has become the hallmark of all representatives of our community. ... Read more

League Tag action!

Parkview perform well at Classic Shield

Parkview PS has produced some excellent performances in League Tag and Rugby League at the 2013 Classic Shield held at the LHS Ovals last Thursday. All children displayed tremendous application and sportsmanship throughout the day. Scores from the day were: RUGBY LEAGUE Game 1: Parkview 6-10 Narrandera PS Game 2: Parkview 0-10 Small Schools Game 3: Parkview 0-18 Leeton PS LEAGUE TAG-POOL A Parkview(1) 3-4 Small Schools(1) Parkview(1) 0-6 Leeton(1) Parkview(1) 1-2 Narrandera(1) LEAGUE TAG-POOL B Parkview(2) 3-0 Small Schools(2) Parkview(2) 2-3... Read more

Tess Staines

Staines strikes it lucky in Softball!

Tess Staines has continued her outstanding sporting results this semester by earning selection into the Riverina PSSA Girls Softball team! The Riverina trials were held last Friday at French's Fields in Wagga Wagga. Tess, who despite showing natural talent, hasn't a strong association with the sport, demonstrated her prowess at the recent LNPSSA Softball Gala Day and then continued her outstanding form with some wonderful performances at the Riverina trial. Her selection represents the 2nd Riverina team which Tess has qualified for including... Read more

Privacy online

Protecting the privacy of personal information is increasingly important at a time when we are sharing more details about ourselves online than ever before. While interacting online can be great for kids, it also makes them more vulnerable. To help reduce the risk of cyberbullying, unwanted attention or breaches of their privacy, you can: encourage them to keep their usernames and passwords safe and not share them with anyone take them through the privacy settings of sites they join to ensure they are careful about what information they share... Read more

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Stay on top of homework

Kids and families tend to run more smoothly when there is a clear plan. So the online parent resource School A to Z has created printable homework and study calendars for each month of the year. The School A to Z website and mobile app can also help with common assignment and homework questions. In the Homework and study section you'll find links to useful websites, maths and English glossaries, and help sheets to make homework time easier in your house. Print your homework and study calendar pages for the rest of 2013. If you have ideas for... Read more

School leaders at the recent ANZAC Ceremony

School Resumes for Term 2

Parkview Public School students will resume for Term 2 on Wednesday, 1st May. Classes will resume as usual at 9.20am, with supervision commencing in the playground as normal from 9am. Students who travel by bus will be supervised in the COLA area as usual from 8.35am. The school's Administration Office will be open for enquiries and enrolments on Monday, 29th April from 9am-2pm and again on Tuesday, 30th April from 9am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-3.30pm. We look forward to another wonderful term of sharing, learning and growing at Parkview Public... Read more

2013 Parkview PS X Country Age Champions

Brilliant student participation as Thorpe win X Country title

Thorpe House has continued its recent dominance of Cross Country at Parkview Public School, winning a tightly contested competition last Thursday. Hosted in extremely warm conditions in front of a large and appreciative spectator group, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 produced a series of outstanding performances on a demanding layout that wound its way through the school grounds and the adjacent Central Park precinct. There were several eye catching performances from students throughout the day, highlighted by the extremely high... Read more

Parkview student leaders Member for Murrumbidgee Adrian Piccoli and Member for Riverina Michael McCormack

Parkview leaders honour 'Father of Irrigation'

Parkview Public School leaders have joined many other local residents in honouring the man who ensured our township was actually founded Sir Samuel McCaughey. As reported in The Irrigator during the week, the legacy of the "father of irrigation", Sir Samuel McCaughey, was set in stone on the weekend when a statue was unveiled in his honour. See your ad here About 150 people attended the event at McCaughey Park in Yanco on Saturday morning, with attendees including at least 30 of Sir Samuel's descendants. Member for Murrumbidgee Adrian... Read more

Bruce Gilmour with children Hayden and Molly after his close shave!

Wacky Hair day creates a 'Close Shave'!

Wacky Hair day at Parkview Public School proved a massive hit with the kids and provided an extremely close shave for community member Bruce Gilmour. A big thank you to all community members who provided such tremendous support for our SRC as they raised money for Bruce and his ‘Close Shave' as part of the Team Michael Ride To Conquer Cancer. The funds raised go towards the work the Peter Mac Institute does in attempting to find a cure for Cancer. The event proved a wonderful day, with all community members getting into the spirit of the day.... Read more

Cross Country

Parkview Cross Country Carnival to finish Term 1

The 2013 Parkview Public School Cross Country Carnival will be held the last Thursday of Term 1 (April 11th 2013). As in previous years, the course will be a school based track which includes Parkview school grounds and its immediate surrounds. Children across all grades will prepare for the carnival by participating in daily runs at school beginning this week. Any extra training your child completes at home will only help to prepare them further! A family lunch will proceed after the completion of the final event on the day. Information for... Read more

Maanu Alexander, Candice Murphy and Jack Quinlivan

Song Birds selected for Riverina School's Choir

Parkview Public School students Candice Murphy, Jack Quinlivan and Maanu Alexander have acheived a unique treble, all being selected to perform as part of the Riverina School's Choir after being successful at audition in Wagga Wagga recently. The three students are members of the Parkview School Band, Murphy a lead vocalist in 2011, Alexander a lead vocalist and talented keyboard player while Quinlivan has expanded his repetoire from keyboard to incorporate a vocal role alongside Murphy, Alexander and emerging talent, Emily Jennings this year.... Read more

Tyler O'Connell and Brandon Crowe enjoy the Parade!

Easter Hats wow the crowds!

Parkview Public School's Easter Hat Parade held on Wednesday was another outstanding success, with well over 600 children and community members flocking to the school to enjoy the school's popular Easter tradition. There were hats of all shapes and sizes, the heat of the day ensuring a number of sun-smart options were taken by students during the parade. Melting chocolate in the 36oC heat was a common site, while a guest appearance from the Easter Bunny ensured the young and young at heart were treated to a small Easter treat in recognition if... Read more

Becoming a good speller

Spelling is an important skill but one that can be a problem for many children. However, there are some simple strategies you can use to help your child develop confidence in their spelling ability. What you can do to help your child with spelling: Explain to your child that some words can be sounded out, but not all English words can be spelt correctly by ‘sounding out', eg the words ‘you' and ‘said'. Talk to your child about how you spell, and what you do when you don't know how to spell a word. Encourage your child to write at home on... Read more

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School zone safety

A reminder to parents about the operation of school speed zones around the Easter holidays. School zones exist for the safety of children and families; they will operate on Thursday 28 March, then resume on Tuesday 2 April. Forty-kilometres-an-hour school speed zones operate across New South Wales at all school sites on gazetted school days, which are all days the school is open, even pupil-free days. Find out more... Read more

Writing essays

Writing essays is a skill many of us have forgotten. But don't worry – here are a few tips to help you and your child, even if you're not familiar with the essay topic. Key points: Determine 'what is the question asking?' Essays follow a specific formula Introduction – state your response to the question and mention the points to be made in the body of the essay. Body – expand on the points introduced in the introduction. Don't introduce new thoughts at this stage. Conclusion – summarise the points discussed in the body. One idea per... Read more

Shaylan Protheroe and Moe Lloyd enjoy Open Day!

Hundreds Flock to Term 1 Open Day

Hundreds of Parkview community members have flocked to the school's Open Day, held in classrooms and the surrounding grounds of the school on Tuesday, March 5th. Parents and carers shared classroom time with children and engaged in a range of interactive activities throughout a fun-packed middle session before sharing a delicious family lunch. All classes had something different to offer parents, with treasure hunts, science experiments, juggling and jewellery making among the many activities that engaged both adults and children. Parents and... Read more

Students enjoying just one of 21 new prints in the Parkview PS landscape

New Environmental Print a hit with kids!

Over the weekend the Parkview community has watched with excitement as the school playground has come to life. Lex from Art by LJ has been at the school, creating a series of vibrant games and designs for children to play, explore and learn with. The games have added much anticipated environmental print for students to engage with in the school surrounds. Children are encouraged to use these both informally during play time and also formally as part of structured class lessons. While literacy and numeracy are the focus of these works, there... Read more

PPS Swimmers

Parkview students to compete at Riverina Swimming Championships

Congratulations to the following Parkview students who were notified of their LNPSSA Swim team selection on Friday. The following students will now compete at the Riverina Swimming Championships in Albury this Friday (March 8th). Stay tuned to next week's edition of Talking Sport to hear of their efforts! Annie Samuelu (6) 11 Years Girls 50m Freestyle Hannah Pianca (5) Junior Girls Butterfly Brock Halls (4) Junior Boys Backstroke Tyler O'Connell (3) 8 Years Boys 50m Freestyle... Read more

Cleaning Up!

Parkview students clean up!

Last Friday, Parkview students from K-6 participated in the annual Clean Up Schools Day which is run in conjunction with Clean up Australia Day. Students were encouraged to bring in plastic bags and gloves to assist in a quick tidy up of the school grounds. To the naked eye, our grounds present rather tidy, but it was interesting to observe how much rubbish can be found along fence lines and deep within gardens! All students who participated did a great job!... Read more

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Open Day Fun!

K-6 Open Day not far away!

The Term 1 K-6 Open Day will be hosted next Tuesday, 5th March at the school. The day offers parents, carers and family members the chance to interact in the classroom environment with children engage in fun and meaningful lessons. Children love the opportunity to show their family members what they have been doing at school, and it provides adults with a chance to look at what the children have achieved in the 5 short weeks since school commenced for 2013. Classrooms will be open at the following times for parents and carers to enjoy:... Read more

Hannah Pianca after some brilliant performances at the LNPSSA Swimming Champs

Parkview secures 2nd at LNPSSA Swimming Championships

Parkview has continued it strong recent sporting form with a second place in the overall pointscore section of the LNPSSA Swimming Championships hosted by Small Schools at the Leeton Memorial Pool today. Competitors battled terrible conditions as driving rain affected the carnival for almost an hour, but undeterred, competitors from all schools displayed great resilience to produce some wonderful performaces. Parkview had ten individual place getters as well as some pleasing results in the relay events, however our swimmer of the day was... Read more

Our Parkview team, wearing the baggy green!

Parkview impresses at LNPSSA T20 Cricket Gala Day

Parkview has enjoyed its most successful day on the cricket field in over a decade, winning one game, suffering a narrow defeat and having three children selected to contest Riverina PSSA Cricket Trials from last Friday's LNPSSA T20 Cricket Gala Day hosted at the Narrandera High School Ovals. Tess Staines (Girls Trials at Holbrook) as well as Mathew Axtill and Rhett MacGregor (Boys Trials at Deniliquin) will seek higher honours following impressive performances on the day, but it was the cohesive display from the school's 1st XI, decked out... Read more

PPS Representative Swimming Team Announced

Students who have qualified for the 2013 LNPSSA Swimming Carnival were notified of their selection this week at school. A full listing swimmers has been posted on the IT room window and also attached to this email. The LNPSSA carnival will be held on February 26th at Leeton Swimming Pool. Also attached to this email is an additional copy of the permission note which was sent out this week. PPS SWIM TEAM (doc 139 KB) LNPSSA PERMISSION NOTE (doc 43 KB)... Read more

Rhett McGregor and Reece Keech show off their new 'baggy greens'

If the Cap fits... Students prepare for a big sporting year ahead!

Students from Parkview Public School are preparing for a huge year of sport commencing with next Friday's LNPSSA T20 Cricket Gala Day at Narrandera High School Ovals. Students from Parkview and other LNPSSA schools (Leeton PS, Narrandera PS, Yanco PS, Whitton PS, Wamoon PS and Murrami PS) will participate in over 20 sporting opportunities this calendar year, catering for a range students and outcomes. The primary focus for all students in Years 3-6 will be fun, participation and active lifestyles, while a platform will also be provided for... Read more

Tess Staines enters the pool at the recent PPS Carnival

2013 Parkview Swimming Carnival Individual Results

Parkview Public School students will contest the Leeton-Narrandera PSSA level Swimming at the Leeton Memorial Pool on Tuesday, 26th February. There selections were confirmed after a review of the performances produced at the recent PPS Carnival. Attached to this story is a full listing of results from the 2013 PPS Swimming Carnival. Students who are eligible to represent PPS at the upcoming LNPSSA Swimming carnival were notified on Wednesday, February 13. 2013 Swim Carnival Results (docx 24 KB)... Read more

SRC 2013

Students Inducted into SRC

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected by their peers to join the Student Representative Council (SRC) for the 2013 school year. SRC members were formally recognized during an induction ceremony held at school on Monday. This year the SRC hopes to continue their efforts in fundraising and raising awareness for worthy organisations. SRC meetings will take place under the guidance of Mr Collins and Mrs Hislop. SRC MEMBERS 2013 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5 Yr 6 Eligh Watson Madeline Irvin Breea Ison Kade... Read more

2013 House Leaders!

2013 Sporting House Captains

2013 HOUSE CAPTAIN LEADERSHIP TEAM Congratulations to the 12 Yr. 6 students who have been elected by their peers as 2013 Sporting House Captains. Students aged 8 years and over voted during house meetings last week to determine leadership positions. All 12 students are excited to begin their role which will increase their involvement in the day to day running of the school. Sporting House Captains for 2013 are as follows; THORPE FREEMAN BRADMAN Captain – Sophie Smith Captain – Rhett McGregor Vice-Captain – Dylan McKellar... Read more

Great start videos

A panel of experts answers the most common questions parents have about how they can best support their kids' school life, study, wellbeing and development. In five brief segments, the experts share their tips on how parents can: help their kids reach their full potential at school and motivate them for learning support their child's social development and handle schoolyard conflict support kids through the teenage years. keep up with the technology their kids are using and how to keep them safe online. Watch the Great start videos... Read more

Age Champions display their trophies from the carnival

Thorpe win thrilling swimming title!

Thorpe House have won a thrilling House Swimming Competition at the annual Parkview Public School Swimming Carnival held at the Leeton Pool in very warm conditions. Student produced some outstanding performances on the day, with a very close House Competition keeping spectators on the edge right up until the conclusion of what turned out to be the decisive relay events. A much improved showing from both Bradman and Freeman Houses this year saw the latter earn four individual age championships, however the depth of competitors carried the day... Read more

Jack Quinlivan is ready to help Freeman House to victory!

Parkview Swimming Carnival set for Splashdown!

The annual Parkview Public School Swimming Carnival will be held this Friday, 8th February at the Leeton Memorial Pool, commencing at 10am SHARP! It what is always an eagerly anticipated event, Freeman and Bradman Houses will look to bring down Thorpe House after many years of winning the Carnival teams event. All children who turn 8 years and older this year will attend the carnival, with suitable activities planned for students who cannot competently swim 50m. Results from the carnival will be posted on line and in the newsletter next week.... Read more

Kylie Bowyer shares the first day with son Andrew

School's Back with a Bang!

263 students (our second largest enrolment on record) have returned to Parkview Public School at the start of the new school year, including record Kindergarten enrolment of 58 students. All 58 children joined their parents and carers on what as an exciting first day of 'Big School'. The children were well prepared after a lengthy transition process, but nonetheless, there was a sense of nervousness and excitement for children and parents alike as the newest members of our community made their way through the school gates for the first time as... Read more

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School returns soon!

School Resumption Dates for 2013

School will resume for the 2013 school year according to the following timetable: Tuesday, 29th January: Staff Development Day. Administration Office Open from 8.30am. Enquiries and new enrolments welcome. This is a pupil free day. Wednesday, 30th January: Students in Years 1-6 return to school. Students are welcome in the playground for supervised play from 9.00am, or from when there normal bus arrangements drop them at school. Students will assemble in the hall from 9.20am to meet their new teachers. Thursday, 31st January: Commencing... Read more

Fun times ahead at the Kinder 2013 Play Dates!

Kindergarten 2013 Play Dates return

Kindergarten 2013 Play Dates will again return this summer, aimed at providing Parkview Public School's newest students with the opportunity to maintain peer relationships that were fostered during the school's 17 week Kindergarten transition program in 2012. These informal gatherings will be hosted in the Central Park playground adjacent to the school, and provide opportunities for children and parents alike to gather in a non-threatening and social environment ahead of the commencement of school late in January. The Play Dates are by no... Read more

Fun during a recent Parkview PS Open Day

Summer Open Days Approach

Parkview Public School will once again open it's doors to the community for new enrolments and uniform shop needs this summer as part of our commitment to making public education accesible for the entire community. The school will host two Open Days, allowing those considering a change to the school an opportunity for tours and the chance to collect enrolment forms and school information, while the Uniform Shop will be open to provide the opportunity for parents to collect those last minute or pre-ordered uniform needs ahead of the new school... Read more